Putting the “AR” in Quarantine

Tired of being cooped up in the house yet? We sure are!

The team at Balti Virtual has compiled a list of our favorite augmented reality (AR) experiences that you can try right now to help break the boredom while we’re all at home trying to save the planet.

Augmented Animals

Being in the house can get pretty lonely, but luckily the team at Patched Reality has created an augmented companion to help you pass the time. Babble Rabbit is a free AR app built using 6D.ai technology that creates a virtual bunny you can boss around using speech recognition.

Want something a bit more realistic? Bring the zoo to you with Google’s collection of AR Quick Look animals. These can be accessed by searching for popular animals on your phone and clicking the “View in 3D” link in the results.

Examples include: Alligator, Angler Fish, Brown Bear, Cat, Cheetah, Dog, Duck, Eagle, Emperor Penguin, Hedgehog, Horse, Lion, Macaw, Octopus, Pug, Giant Panda, Rottweiler, Shark, Shetland Pony, Snake, Tiger, Turtle, Wolf

Google AR Animals

Educational AR

Try adding the Civilizations AR app (iOS and Android) into your daily curriculum. This easy-to-use application ties into the BBC’s documentary series and brings more than 30 ancient artifacts into your home using AR. Explore artifacts from all over the world with high-quality 3D models that are each complemented by educational commentary.

Image courtesy of BBC

NASA has compiled a list of AR and VR resources to use at home, including virtual tours of their facilities and the international space station!

Augmented Video Calls (Skype/Zoom/Hangouts/Teams)

Make video calls more fun with your favorite SnapChat lens! Snap Camera creates a virtual webcam for Windows or Mac OS with hundreds of thousands of AR effects to choose from. (Just remember to disable the effects before important calls).

Augmented Video Calls

Virtual Home Makeover

While stuck inside, take some time to peruse the wide selection of furniture and home decor on the free Ikea Place app (iOS and Android). If you see a couch or coffee table that you like, virtually place it into your room with AR. Each product will appear in 3D and true-to-scale, so you can see how it fits within your home’s vibe. If you like what you see, click to checkout and have the piece delivered without ever leaving your home.

The IKEA Place App

Beauty is in the eye of the phone-holder

With beauty salons closed for the foreseeable future, the best thing we have right now is AR. With the Wanna Nails (iOS and Android) and YouCam Makeup (iOS and Android) apps, you can undergo a full makeover without needing to leave the house. Wanna Nails and YouCam Makeup lets you virtually try out various hairstyles/colors, makeup techniques and nail colors from the comfort of your home. Order your favorite nail polish or makeup straight from the apps or take a photo of your new look to show your stylist whenever your local shop opens back up.

Augmented Makeover Complete

Bonus for VR users

If you have a PC VR setup, stop reading this right now and download Half-Life Alyx, it’s a masterpiece from the extraordinarily talented folks at Valve!

Image Courtesy of Valve Software

Share Your Ideas!

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Until next time, be well.

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